Common Lies about Oxley 38

When I look at what people are saying on Facebook, it’s obvious many have bought into lies about this feud. So here’s the naked truth.

And as always with lies, think about who stands to gain from spreading them!


  1. Lie: LHL wants to preserve the house

Truth: LHL personally wants to honour his father’s wishes (i.e. demolish the house). In his declaration to the committee, he just raised questions about how the last will was prepared, and the conflict of interest in LHY and wife being involved in the preparation. This is to clarify what LKY’s true wishes were.

By the way, the house was bequeathed to LHL alone. If he had wanted from the start to preserve it, he need not have sold it to LHY.


  1. Lie: Preserving it will help LHL build a political dynasty

Truth: LHL wants to retire soon. His son Hongyi is not interested in politics, despite LWL and LHY’s claims. What political dynasty?


  1. Lie: LKY wanted it demolished and that’s that

Truth: LKY’s wishes are disputed. But even if they were not, the government has the right to disregard any landowner’s wishes and preserve the house for its heritage value.

If the government could not overrule rich scions who want to demolish heritage buildings to build condos, what would become of our heritage?


  1. Lie: Committee wants to preserve it

Truth: The Ministerial Committee will NOT make any decision about the house. They will simply collect information from all involved and list down the options for a future government. Since the decision will only take place when LWL moves out, the future government will probably not be led by LHL, and may not be a PAP government at all.

Why now? It’s like an investigation- they need to collect the facts as soon as possible, before memories get hazy.


  1. Lie: The Committee is on LHL’s side

Truth: What side, when LHL himself wants to demolish the house?

LHL is not involved in the Committee. It consists of DPM Teo Chee Hean and the Ministers in charge of heritage (Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu), land issues (Minister for Law K. Shanmugam, whose Ministry includes SLA) and urban planning (Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong).


Where are the heritage fighters now?

I couldn’t help noticing that many opposition figures are applauding Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang’s bid to demolish the Oxley Road house.

These are the same people who want to preserve a flea market right in the city centre. Who want to preserve the graves of slave-owning landowners. Who want old people to keep living in flats that aren’t accessible by lift.

But two wealthy individuals can demolish the house where Singapore’s independence was formulated. Forgo all the future tourist revenue for the state, and keep the proceeds for themselves!

If they get their way, future generations will look back at us and be so disappointed. They’ll say we let individual and political feuds destroy a precious part of our heritage. That they may be rethinking LKY’s legacy, but we robbed them of the chance to assess part of it. That we let one late leader’s wishes override the interests of the nation.

FamiLee feud- What’s the Public Interest? 

It’s so sad looking at Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang taking their family feud public. They say they did so because LHL is abusing his power, but can’t give any specifics. If they were really scared of state persecution, why is Hsien Yang telling everyone his plans? And why isn’t Wei Ling leaving too? It doesn’t add up.

The only concrete allegation they’ve made is that LHL doesn’t want to demolish LKY’s house.  That’s​ incredibly ironic. The house is where Singapore’s independence was formulated- surely it has heritage value? Indeed, that’s what Cabinet (without​ LHL) decided. They want to record the facts, so a future government can decide its fate. After all, the heritage law applies equally to all.

Yes, LKY said he wanted it to be demolished. But I thought we were beyond strongman leadership now? The public interest should prevail, not an individual decision. LKY himself accepted this before his death.

Now, the younger Lee siblings want LHL to singlehandedly overturn the Cabinet decision and pledge to demolish the house. That would be the real abuse of power!

Lee Wei Ling let slip their real motivations in a subsequent post. They don’t want to donate the money from the land sale. Seems like this is not only about following their father’s wishes!

It is sad that PM LHL, who gave up a quiet academic life for public service, and is still working for Singapore after two bouts of cancer, has to be subject to public extortion from his own siblings. All over money?

Protecting Pink Dot

I was making plans to go to Pink Dot with some friends, and they were complaining that Hong Lim Park will have ID and bag checks.
Actually, I feel much safer with the checks in place. There must be many fundamentalists out there who hate the very idea of Pink Dot, and want to attack it. Like that Singaporean who threatened to shoot people at Pink Dot and was arrested. After all, some say terrorists attacked the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester because of her image as a sexy, vocal, liberated woman. What more Singapore’s biggest gay rights event? For such an event, every bag needs to be checked to keep the participants safe.
Yes, foreigners will not be allowed to participate. But that has been the rule at Speaker’s Corner all along. I know of many other events that had to be changed or even cancelled because of this. It’s not targeted at Pink Dot, just at foreign intervention in local issues. As I’ve said before, would we like it if the Saudis financed and organised an event calling for female genital mutilation? If the Chinese protested for the right to eat dogs? It will certainly cause introduce foreign fault lines into our society.
This year, Pink Dot will be a totally Singaporean event- Singaporeans coming out in strength, to show that they’re behind the LGBT community. I think that’s more precious than just having large numbers in the group photo.
I guess the antagonism came about because the LGBT community still doesn’t trust the government. They feel the government will “mark” them for discrimination and even persecution. Can’t really blame them when gay sex is still illegal. Government should abolish 377A since they’re not enforcing it. This will send a signal to the LGBT community that they will not be legally persecuted for their love lives.

Careless and Ungrateful Professors

So we thought we were done with armchair professors who live the good life at the expense of taxpayers but do not understand the basic concept of gratitude. They pretend to be humble, fight for the poor, speak up against the establishment. Boy, it is so easy to say all the right things that make people go angry about the establishment.

But most of them are champagne socialists. Live the good life at taxpayers’ expense, travel around the world, drink great wine and enjoy all the great attention from wide-eyed young admirers. Really, there is no cost to them for always saying all the populist things. Like take $20 billion from reserves and give it to the poor and all problems solved. Give free healthcare to everyone. Slam the police without giving any thought to the serious consequences their comments can have on public safety.

Yes, it is easy. Because these people don’t have to find the money to fund the public programmes. They don’t have to persuade the public to give up their hard earned money to pay taxes. They don’t have to go out daily to work with poor people. They don’t have to deal with robbers, murderers coming at them with abuse and parangs. They don’t have to go out there and attend the funerals of dead policemen or comfort families of raped or murdered victims. They think the murderers, robbers, criminals are the victims. When things go wrong, they go back to their Carribbean holidays and it is left to the government and the agencies to clean up the mess.

So what’s with this Yeoh Lam Keong fellow. First, he gets all self-righteous and thinks he has come up with the killer-app to deal with terrorism. In one reckless stroke, he accused the independent inquiry of the Little India riots, long after the event four years later, of lying to the public. The riots, he now says, is caused by the lack of community policing. He brushed off alcohol as a scapegoat cooked up by the committee. He added in alienation of police as a cause for good measure.

You can bet to the last dollar that the good professor didn’t read the COI report when he carelessly made those unfounded allegations. If you remember, the COI which was highly independent and at times overly critical of the force at that time of hearing had established alcohol indeed as a factor causing the riots. Community policing has also been a cornerstone of police work in the last few years. Obviously, Yeoh doesn’t really get around much. He probably hasn’t heard of SGSecure.

That, however, should not be an issue. It is OK to arrive a wrong conclusion based on hearsay or our own preconceived ideas of how events happen. We are all entitled to our own views, honest mistakes. Most of us get away with it anyway.

But Yeoh had a sudden change of heart. First, he apologised, accepted the good work by the police and said he was merely doing it out of concern. And then within a day he changed tack. Oh, the former police chief did say there was indeed a shortage of manpower in the police force.

There you go, I was right, he seemed to be gloating.  By citing an unrelated quote by the former police chief, he cleverly deceived many into thinking he was right about his earlier assessment over the cause of the riots. As one Facebook writer posted, the usual Opposition cheerleaders like Andrew Loh immediately fell right into his trap. 

I am glad that Calvin Cheng, much as I do not agree with him all the time, called him out. Let’s backtrack. Yeoh’s original point was lack of community policing and alienation of police. The former police chief’s point about the shortage of manpower had been said by the Government and the force for years. It was not cited as the cause of the riots. Certainly, when the former police chief talked about that and when officers talked about the shortage manpower during the riots, they were not saying it was the cause of the riots. It was not related to the cause at all. Mr Yeoh either doesn’t understand the meaning of cause or he simply saw an opportunity to confuse the public by conveniently throwing in a quote said during the inquiry to back up his case. That, to me, is sheer intellectual dishonesty.

Funny, someone tells me both Mr Yeoh and the other armchair professor Donald Low are buddies. They have conveniently lined themselves with politicians with the opposition. Whenever convenient, they will say they are merely speaking up for Singaporeans. When confronted, they quickly apologised and tried to change their line. One sheepishly went back to delete offensive comments on his Facebook to clean up his storyline, thinking people may not remember. The other changed his apology no less than four times including adding in the unrelated quote from the former police chief.

Both are pretty rich people. Both do not do much for you and me now. Both had been treated well by the Government with scholarships and lucrative great public careers. Now the question I put to my goondu friends in the Government is this – why are you guys so dumb – paying these people so handsomely in a taxpayers’ funded institution to shoot your own foot?  



Double standards

OK,  I am not here to discuss race and language. Clearly, movies or TV shows that make fun of accents or races will not go down well with a lot of people. So they must be done with care.

But I’m here to talk about the double standard and the sheer hypocrisy of the liberals. What they seem to be saying it it is OK  for UK-educated Adrian Pang  and his liberal friends in the drama elite to say the most offensive things about Indians in a local movie by Ken Kwek- and still have the cheek to call for a press conference and demand the offensive scene be reinstated. But it is not OK for heartland favourite Jack Neo to have an unreleased audition where actors are asked to put on an accent.

I don’t remember the liberals jumping in to tick off Adrian and Ken when the story first came out. Instead, they had no idea what the highly upset Indian chatters were saying and continue to be defiant and arrogant and blamed the government for censorship.

Nowhere did they get as self righteous as now. I also don’t see them complaining when Russell Peters came and poked all kinds of racist jokes at Indians and others. Or even Kumar and his silly Indian jokes.

So please, give me a break. Get off the high horse. It is not about race. It is the elite versus the heartlands.