How many of LHY and LWL’s allegations are true?

Take away the political posturing, here’s what we really know so far.

  1. Did LKY feel gov’t gazetted the house?

LHY admits that LKY was told there was no gazette. So, if he really wanted to demolish the house at all costs, he would just do it before his death. Who would dare say no? And if PM really indicated he wanted to preserve the house, why would LKY bequeath it to PM?

Come on, this is LKY. He didn’t bend before the British Empire, he didn’t bend before the Communist world, he didn’t bend when the whole region was fighting us. Would he be so easily pressured? As proven by Heng Swee Keat’s recounting and his letter to Cabinet, he chose to leave the matter to government, because his values were that Singapore should take precedence over anyone, even himself.

Maybe PM would be in a stronger position now if he hadn’t given in to sibling pressure and sold LHY the house. Guess he just wanted to keep the family together. Unfortunately his siblings don’t feel the same way.

  1. Does LHL wants to preserve the house for political capital?

Wrong on so many levels.

LHL wants to retire soon, and his son is not interested in politics. So he doesn’t need the political capital. Singaporeans are not that stupid, LHY. We can judge our PM based on his work in the past 13 years, not based on whose son he is.

He’s not involved in any government discussions on the matter. The current government is not going to decide it anyway.

Just ask yourself: If LHL wasn’t the PM, would government still think about preserving the house? Certainly! Then where’s the abuse of power here?

  1. Was the Ministerial Committee secret?

DPM Teo Chee Hean’s Press Secretary has released documents showing that LHY and LWL were informed of the setting up of the Committee, and what it will do.

Of course, they didn’t get to know who was in the Committee and what options it was considering. That’s just like any private citizen. If you write to HDB now, ask whether your flat will be en-bloced and who decides this, you also wouldn’t get that information. Why should the Lee siblings expect any different?

  1. Did PM receive the Deed of Gift improperly?

PM was updated about the major exhibition, as he should be. Anyway as a beneficiary of the estate, he was entitled to know. He did write to his siblings to tell them off for insisting on leaving out the second part of the demolition clause. LHY says this is using the information for a private legal dispute- except that there is no such dispute!

  1. Did Ho Ching give items to NHB when LKY was sick, without permission?

On the alleged date of offence, Ho Ching was halfway around the globe.

After LKY died, she tidied up items while LHY and wife were holidaying. At that time, it was not known that LHY and LWL were executors of the will. So as a family member, she was entitled to do so. Nonetheless, she kept LHY and LWL updated on the loans (loans, not gifts!). Seems like they didn’t object till the dispute blew up more than two years later!

  1. Is A-G Lucien Wong biased?

Lucien Wong hasn’t done anything in this case as A-G. AGC is being consulted by the Ministerial Committee on the validity of the will, but again, anything Wong or the Committee say can be ignored by a future government.

It’s normal for A-Gs to have had previous ties with the government. They can just recuse themselves from related discussions. LHY has shown no proof to his claim that Wong is acting improperly.


At the same time, LHY has not explained if his wife drafted the Last Will in conflict with existing rules. Every time their claims are debunked, they move on to a new claim to confuse Singaporeans.

So the next time LHY and LWL allege something, ask yourself: why should I believe them when most of what they said hasn’t been true?