Damp Squib

I was watching what the WP would say about the Oxley saga.

Well, Low Thia Khiang said government shouldn’t have engaged the siblings on Facebook. Hello, Teochew uncle, now young Singaporeans only read Facebook leh. It has more readership than the mainstream media. How can government let allegations just fly on Facebook?

He obviously has not kept up with the times. Maybe that’s why he doesn’t have his own Facebook page.

Then Sylvia Lim questioned the independence of Attorney-General Lucien Wong.  But I was thinking, anyone appointed as Attorney-General is definitely a top legal mind. If they used to be a Supreme Court judge, they have been appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister.

If they used to be top private lawyers, they would have been fighting against government prosectors every day in court. Or they have had Ministers or MPs as clients, or worked with those who are lawyers. There’s no way to ensure that the A-G doesn’t know any top government officials at all.

Anyway, WP could have brought up the Lucien Wong issue months ago. It has nothing much to do with the Oxley saga.

They also talked about the conflict of interest in the Ministerial Committee. But anybody in the Cabinet is appointed by the Prime Minister. Most of them have worked with Lee Kuan Yew before, either in Cabinet or as his staff. The benchmark here is whether they could personally benefit from the matter- like PM- not whether they simply know the people involved.

WP wants a special select committee. I guess to give the impression of impartality, they want the committee to have members from WP. So they’re essentially asking the Cabinet to outsource the decision to Low Thia Khiang?

Did you notice it? At the same time, they keep asking PM to settle it in court. That means they don’t think there is any abuse of power. Good to hear that from an opposition party- shows Singapore’s system is working well!