Common Lies about Oxley 38

When I look at what people are saying on Facebook, it’s obvious many have bought into lies about this feud. So here’s the naked truth.

And as always with lies, think about who stands to gain from spreading them!


  1. Lie: LHL wants to preserve the house

Truth: LHL personally wants to honour his father’s wishes (i.e. demolish the house). In his declaration to the committee, he just raised questions about how the last will was prepared, and the conflict of interest in LHY and wife being involved in the preparation. This is to clarify what LKY’s true wishes were.

By the way, the house was bequeathed to LHL alone. If he had wanted from the start to preserve it, he need not have sold it to LHY.


  1. Lie: Preserving it will help LHL build a political dynasty

Truth: LHL wants to retire soon. His son Hongyi is not interested in politics, despite LWL and LHY’s claims. What political dynasty?


  1. Lie: LKY wanted it demolished and that’s that

Truth: LKY’s wishes are disputed. But even if they were not, the government has the right to disregard any landowner’s wishes and preserve the house for its heritage value.

If the government could not overrule rich scions who want to demolish heritage buildings to build condos, what would become of our heritage?


  1. Lie: Committee wants to preserve it

Truth: The Ministerial Committee will NOT make any decision about the house. They will simply collect information from all involved and list down the options for a future government. Since the decision will only take place when LWL moves out, the future government will probably not be led by LHL, and may not be a PAP government at all.

Why now? It’s like an investigation- they need to collect the facts as soon as possible, before memories get hazy.


  1. Lie: The Committee is on LHL’s side

Truth: What side, when LHL himself wants to demolish the house?

LHL is not involved in the Committee. It consists of DPM Teo Chee Hean and the Ministers in charge of heritage (Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu), land issues (Minister for Law K. Shanmugam, whose Ministry includes SLA) and urban planning (Minister for National Development Lawrence Wong).