Where are the heritage fighters now?

I couldn’t help noticing that many opposition figures are applauding Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang’s bid to demolish the Oxley Road house.

These are the same people who want to preserve a flea market right in the city centre. Who want to preserve the graves of slave-owning landowners. Who want old people to keep living in flats that aren’t accessible by lift.

But two wealthy individuals can demolish the house where Singapore’s independence was formulated. Forgo all the future tourist revenue for the state, and keep the proceeds for themselves!

If they get their way, future generations will look back at us and be so disappointed. They’ll say we let individual and political feuds destroy a precious part of our heritage. That they may be rethinking LKY’s legacy, but we robbed them of the chance to assess part of it. That we let one late leader’s wishes override the interests of the nation.