FamiLee feud- What’s the Public Interest? 

It’s so sad looking at Lee Wei Ling and Lee Hsien Yang taking their family feud public. They say they did so because LHL is abusing his power, but can’t give any specifics. If they were really scared of state persecution, why is Hsien Yang telling everyone his plans? And why isn’t Wei Ling leaving too? It doesn’t add up.

The only concrete allegation they’ve made is that LHL doesn’t want to demolish LKY’s house.  That’s​ incredibly ironic. The house is where Singapore’s independence was formulated- surely it has heritage value? Indeed, that’s what Cabinet (without​ LHL) decided. They want to record the facts, so a future government can decide its fate. After all, the heritage law applies equally to all.

Yes, LKY said he wanted it to be demolished. But I thought we were beyond strongman leadership now? The public interest should prevail, not an individual decision. LKY himself accepted this before his death.

Now, the younger Lee siblings want LHL to singlehandedly overturn the Cabinet decision and pledge to demolish the house. That would be the real abuse of power!

Lee Wei Ling let slip their real motivations in a subsequent post. They don’t want to donate the money from the land sale. Seems like this is not only about following their father’s wishes!

It is sad that PM LHL, who gave up a quiet academic life for public service, and is still working for Singapore after two bouts of cancer, has to be subject to public extortion from his own siblings. All over money?