Protecting Pink Dot

I was making plans to go to Pink Dot with some friends, and they were complaining that Hong Lim Park will have ID and bag checks.
Actually, I feel much safer with the checks in place. There must be many fundamentalists out there who hate the very idea of Pink Dot, and want to attack it. Like that Singaporean who threatened to shoot people at Pink Dot and was arrested. After all, some say terrorists attacked the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester because of her image as a sexy, vocal, liberated woman. What more Singapore’s biggest gay rights event? For such an event, every bag needs to be checked to keep the participants safe.
Yes, foreigners will not be allowed to participate. But that has been the rule at Speaker’s Corner all along. I know of many other events that had to be changed or even cancelled because of this. It’s not targeted at Pink Dot, just at foreign intervention in local issues. As I’ve said before, would we like it if the Saudis financed and organised an event calling for female genital mutilation? If the Chinese protested for the right to eat dogs? It will certainly cause introduce foreign fault lines into our society.
This year, Pink Dot will be a totally Singaporean event- Singaporeans coming out in strength, to show that they’re behind the LGBT community. I think that’s more precious than just having large numbers in the group photo.
I guess the antagonism came about because the LGBT community still doesn’t trust the government. They feel the government will “mark” them for discrimination and even persecution. Can’t really blame them when gay sex is still illegal. Government should abolish 377A since they’re not enforcing it. This will send a signal to the LGBT community that they will not be legally persecuted for their love lives.