When Town Council managers start issuing cheques to themselves outside…

KPMG has issued another report on the WP-run AHTC (formerly AHPETC). Things look bad.


What KPMG found out

– – Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) paid $23.3m to a private company FMSS.

– The TC’s General Manager, Deputy GM, Finance Manager and Operations Manager also owned FMSS. They were basically signing cheques to themselves, with residents’ money!

– Improper payments to third parties like suppliers, consultants and contractors

– Paid $2.7m to a consultant without calling for a tender for seven projects.

– Paid $44,000 without adequate supporting documents.


Over-payments to FMSS and contractor FMSI

– Extra payment of $608,911 for ‘project management fees’.

– ‘Not determinable’ payment of $893,665.

– First contract of $5.4m awarded with no proper justification or tender waiver

– Second contract of $23.2m awarded without securing competitive rates

– Paid $1.2m more that if it had kept previous managing agent CPG.


KPMG’s assessment of AHTC

“A failed control environment”. Meaning the situation is very serious and many things have gone wrong.

– Improprieties “could amount to criminal conduct” if committed deliberately

(Remember, WP MPs have said that no money was lost, and that they didn’t do anything wrong because they’re not in jail. Now KPMG’s findings are completely different!)


Role of WP MPs in this

– Supposed to represent interests of the residents who voted for them

– AHTC Chairman and Vice-chairmen, Pritam Singh, Sylvia Lim and Png Eng Huat, supposed to co-sign payment cheques and oversee payments

– Let the TC management, also their long-time supporters and friends, overpay themselves


Now every resident of Aljunied and Hougang has to ask himself- Can I trust the denials of my Town Council and MPs any more? Will my hard-earned money be paid to WP supporters? Will the Town Council properly maintain my lifts, electricity fittings and other essential amenities?

Everyone has to decide for himself.