Kids: Is it about space and money?

Ever wonder how our population exploded in the 60s when we were poor and lived in small homes? Or how the families in tiny two- and first generation three- room HDB flats produced five, six, seven, eight kids? The original batch of HDB flats in Queenstown and MacPherson had families with 8-10 kids and they lived in all of 645 sq ft – about the size of a shoebox studio. Hey, where did they all get the sex?

As we get richer, better educated and bigger homes, we have fewer and fewer kids – not because of the space problems but because we over-educated ourselves to think too much ahead of the problems you may face in having kids. We become kiasu, kiasi and stop taking risks and fun. We worry about everything even when we have more.

But in the 60s, with less money and less space, hey they were going at it. And boy, did we turn out alright too.

As someone once said, the best contraceptive one can have is education.