(Les) Miserable(s) response

Was catching up on my old newspapers which I missed while away in London a couple weeks ago. Surprised to find an article which reported the musical Les Miserables was asked to cut a kissing scene because some silly fellow complained it amounted to homosexuality.

OK, I’m bit slow into this debate but it’s never too late to say this: this is just plain stupid! Made all of us look so bad in front of the whole world.

We have made much progress in culture and the arts. I believe I have seen worse scenes in movies and TV shows. We allow explicit violence and sex. But a short kiss?

I am told it is not even a homosexual scene but a quick kiss in the middle of a song for comic effect. Even if it is indeed a gay scene, so what if someone complained? Our guys at the censorship unit should have better judgement and sense not to respond so quickly and easily to every public complaint. What about the complaints thereafter? Are we going to reinstate it because more of us complain about the needless censorship of that scene?

What’s with some of these civil servants. Sigh.