NUS prof calls people who don’t agree with him bigots

This must go down as one of the dumbest, elitist and out-of-touch public comments ever made by a university don.

Someone shared a facebook post by this fellow Donald Low, a professor from the National University of Singapore. He saw UK’s vote to leave the European Union and concluded with one broad stroke that those who voted to leave were “nationalists, racists, xenophobes, bigots and the lumpen proletarian from the right’’. Yes, the right, he said.

How presumptuous and arrogant is such a sweeping statement. The result is the honest will of the majority of the British people, many of them good, honest, hardworking British blue collar workers who have genuine fears about their livelihoods, their jobs, their homes and their future. It is their democratic right to project their fears and concerns. There is nothing wrong or in Donald’s offensive term “bigoted’’ about choosing a future they are more comfortable with. People are allowed to express their views on how many foreigners they want to come into their country. That’s what a democracy is all about and that’s what people on the Left have been using to push their agenda anyway. If anything, these people have been frightened by those on the Left and all the champagne socialists, the likes of this professor. When it suits them, they were the populist ones who made their political case out of scaring the workers and the low income about the excesses of immigration, globalisation and enterprises.

This professor obviously doesn’t read much, sitting in his ivory tower, collecting big salary and from time to time just spill such rubbish to the public. The campaign to remain is led by the Conservative Party, yes, the Prime Minister himself, no less. He took responsibility and resigned. All the veteran conservatives like Michael Heseltine are leading the charge to remain. All the pro-business organisations and major corporations like Rolls Royce are asking to stay. Those in business and the most of London are asking to stay. The better travelled, better educated and more globalised younger professionals and workers are asking to stay. People are simply not split neatly along ideological lines here.

I find it offensive when elitist academicians assume the common man cannot think for themselves. Whenever they vote differently, these arrogant people assume they are dumb and incapable of making the right decision. The whole idea of democracy is people of different backgrounds, social status, intellect, income groups get the same vote.

What’s worrying is how ignorant such a so-called learned expert can be. Makes me wonder what they are teaching the kids in the universities these days if the best among the self-anointed elites think that way. A bit of humility and reading would do him some good.