Cultural Revolution in Singapore?

So everybody is hating on this teacher who has spent $90,000 on branded bags ( Lots of comments about how she’s materialistic, she could have spent the money on her family, giving to charity or something else.

But why are we policing how she spends her money? She earns it legitimately and saves in other ways. The $90,000 is from her bonuses- presumably she’s settled her necessary spending with her monthly salary. It’s not like she’s taken her kids out of school to afford her luxuries. $90,000 over six years is $15,000 a year. Lots of people spend the same amount on family holidays, or their cars, or other luxuries. Where do we draw the line?

Are we now going to be self anointed moral police going around raiding people’s private lives? Like Red Guards in China during the Cultural Revolution? I say – come off it. She’s earned it. It’s her money. She decides how she wants to spend it.

As usual, there are the “armchair editors”: people who say “is this even newsworthy?” All I’ll say is, by commenting on it, you’re incentivising the media to post more of such articles.