The Non-Independent Singapore

Leon Perera is doing the right thing by stepping down from the advisory board of The Independent Singapore (TISG).

After all, while he was advisor, TISG put out these very questionable articles:

–          Those allegedly flouting Cooling Off Day restrictions despite being warned to stop

–          Repeating unfounded allegations that foodcourt screamer Alice Fong is a Nee Soon Central grassroots leader. When they were proven wrong, they’ve resorted to saying MPs should not engage her as a “volunteer dumpling maker”. As if MPs can and should be responsible for the personal lives of everyone who helps out at grassroots events.

–          Regularly running opinions from and giving exposure to blogger “Philip Ang”, who has questioned if Singaporeans should recite the national pledge and insisted without any proof that Heng Swee Keat “will no longer be able to discharge his responsibilities as a minister”

–          Alleging that “most Singaporeans are exposing their disagreement with the country’s leadership” online (link) while conveniently ignoring the fact that “most Singaporeans” voted for the current leadership just last year

–          Unfounded insinuations that national coach Sundram got his job because he endorsed his childhood friend Murali Pillai in elections

Even with Leon out of the picture, TISG is still far from truly independent or neutral. They’re now partnered with Thought Opinion Collaborative Ltd, which used to back The Online Citizen, and we all know how “fair” TOC is. Their new lead editor Ravi Philemon ran under the SPP flag last elections, andMohamed Fazli Talip, formerly from WP and NSP, has also joined them too.

Ravi Philemon freely admitted that TISG leans towards the opposition. He said,”That’s where the eyeballs are.” So TISG is not only biased, but possibly is biased mainly to make money. Next time you read another article that makes your blood boil, think about someone motivated to exxagerate that story so he can make money from your clicks. Not that keen to share it on Facebook anymore, are you?