Wondering Aloud

So the government says foreign companies should not sponsor events like Pink Dot, as that’s interfering in a “social issue with political overtones”. No action will be taken against these companies.

Many people are righteously indignant about this. Not saying they’re wrong, just wondering if they would be as indignant for the rights of  

–  An Arab conglomerate to sponsor an event pushing for Muslim women to cover up and attend only Islamic schools?

–  A Taleban billionaire sponsoring an event to  persuade Muslim families to ban girls from going to school?

–  A Chinese magnate sponsoring a campaign to push for Chinese schools only for China-born citizens here?

–  the British Council sponsoring an event that bans the use of Singlish?

–   A Guangzhou conglomerate sponsoring dog meat eating culture in Singapore?

–  Kalashnikov to sponsor a discussion about liberalising gun ownership in Singapore?

–   An American church sponsoring an event to legalise polygamy and ban homosexuality?

–   Ashley Madison sponsoring an event to promote open marriage and adultery?

–   A European club sponsoring an event that bans locals from going into their club house?

A few years ago, some Christian groups wanted to hold a gathering on the same day to promote their values, but were not even given a permit. I didn’t see these people asking for the Christians’ right to free speech.

Well, just saying….