Storm in a Teacup

So there’s this uproar over Buddy Hoagies café leaving Nee Soon South CC. Literally a storm in a teacup I guess 😉

The People’s Association has clarified that Buddy Hoagies put in a much lower tender bid than the eventual winner (apparently KFC), and there were other factors involved too.

The owner has told reporters that she was only given one month notice to leave (before getting an extension), and that she was shocked that she’s been asked to leave after 12 years there. This is really weird- surely when she signed her lease there was an end date, and when she tendered she knew she might not get it?

And why should she get any advantage just because she’s the incumbent? The rent the restaurant pays goes to social assistance schemes– if PA awards it to a lower bid, it’s actually depriving the needy of money, to support a thriving business with three outlets, albeit a local one.

I don’t know what the “other factors” are but this netizen did point out:Capture

It’s easy to stir up emotions with a “global vs. local” narrative but we need to think- which option benefits the majority of residents more? Which option is fairer and more  transparent?