Defending a Murderer

Imagine someone beat up your son, or brother, or husband. The attacker whacked him repeatedly with a branch, even after he stopped retaliating, until his skull was fractured 14 times. Then just left him to die and pawned his phone off for a few dollars.

Imagine the attacker was caught by police, and sentenced to death after 2 years. You just want to see justice done, but the appeal takes another 5 years. When you think he is finally going to be executed, his lawyers raise an appeal saying they have new arguments. The court takes another 5 months to find that they don’t.

But your ordeal is not over. Again, just two days before the scheduled execution, his lawyers file not one, not two, but five applications without new arguments to try to stop the execution. They even try to make it a civil case when it’s obviously not. They try to delay by saying they’re not ready to argue, but when the judge rejects this, they’re miraculously able to argue anyway.

At this point, you must be wondering- when is it ever going to end? If the courts have to hear every application even if the arguments have been dismissed before, how will justice ever be done?

I can only presume this is what murdered worker Cao Ruyin’s family feels, because unlike the attacker Kho Jabing’s family who have flown here several times with the help of activists and “journalists”, their story hasn’t been told.

I’m glad that despite this, Singaporeans are not forgetting Cao and his family’s need for justice. (