The “Independent” slandering our national coach

By the way, this “The Independent” doesn’t sound very neutral to me. Here they seem to be suggesting that there’s a link between Sundram endorsing PAP by-election candidate Murali and him becoming national coach.

Notice they never say it outright, probably because they don’t have a shred of proof. The FAS brought in Sundram to help with the national team last year, and must have been considering him even then, before the by-election and even GE2015. If there was any suggestion that endorsing a PAP candidate would bolster his chances, shouldn’t Sundram have endorsed Murali in Aljunied in GE2015 too?

Such ridiculous allegations are unfair to Sundram’s talent and hard work. Sundram led the Lions XII to the Malaysia Super League championship- how can they suggest that he needs connections to be chosen? Opposition supporters rightly say they shouldn’t be persecuted due to their political views. But Sundram just talks about his childhood friend, and they cast completely unfounded aspersions on him?