Going against basic human decency

Local socio-political website The Independent published this letter.

It equated
– a forum writer saying Chiam See Tong should step down as MP while recovering from a stroke
– and a netizen “Raymond Tan” on Shanmugam’s facebook asking “if Heng Swee Keat die, will there be a by-election?” right after Heng suffered a stroke.
It then questioned why PAP minister Shanmugam scolded “Raymond Tan” when he had kept quiet about the forum letter eons ago.

How can anyone who understands human decency equate the two? Chiam had survived the stroke and was “recovering”. The forum writer merely wanted him to step down. Heng’s life was still in the balance, and “Raymond Tan” wanted to discuss his death. “Raymond Tan” went on to say that he would “pop champagne” if Heng passed away,revealing that he was indeed wishing death on Heng.

There’s no lack of such trolls around. Someone even went to Heng’s Facebook post questioning Chee Soon Juan, and commented “you kena stroke. Orbigood.” These people (mostly using fake accounts) make the opposition camp look bad and do no justice to the opposition politicians and supporters who are decent.

But are they just trolls? Why has The Independent published a letter without a full name, saying the author doesn’t appreciate Shanmugam’s stand? Could it be that some opposition supporters and “news websites” really do hope for a death just for an opposition shot at Parliament? I certainly hope they’re not that politically and morally bankrupt.