Good luck

Did a quick check on this Balji fellow. Seems he has an axe to grind against the PAP. In the last few years, he has written nothing positive about the PAP. Everything he wrote is negative. I googled and found another piece he just wrote where he attacked NMP Eugene Tan for his comments on Chee Soon Juan. What amazes me is Balji  is using his employer’s website to whack politicians he doesn’t like. He also openly supported Chee and opposed PAP in several other pieces in the same corporate website.

Funny how PR consultancy operates these days.
His company – frankly I have never heard of them before – is called RHT ARC Comms and Relations. And the company is allowing him to use their corporate platforms to air his political views.
If I were the owners of the company, I would be deeply concerned if he is bringing business to the table or the opposite. Ironically, the company said in an earlier announcement that they hired him because he is a most acclaimed media professional. Maybe Balji thinks by being openly critical and deliberately adversarial, he will attract eye balls to the company website and business. Well, good luck to RHT, whoever you are!

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