Of Dictatorship and Democracy

It is simplistic to assume what comes after dictatorship is democracy and what comes after democracy is prosperity. Democracy is not an economic model. Democracy is about giving everyone an equal right to express and vote but it does not necessarily equate good
leadership and governance. For same reason, it does not mean countries like Syria or Libya will have it good after the removal of dictators. It is more like civil war in fact.

It is also idealistic to think what comes after Assad in Syria is paradise and that his brutal regime does not have the support of its people or at least a large number of them. The way the resistance are blowing up women and kids are not getting much help from their very own people.

Any decision to go invade another country must come with a workable post conflict solution. It is too easy to assume you overthrow a leader, put in elections and it’s going to be prosperity for all. Middle East with its enrooted culture and religious complexities is a much more difficult to navigate than what many would like to think.


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