Guns in America

Ya, right. Americans are saying it’s not guns that kill people. It is people that kill people.
Well, then, why give them the guns to do it? Stupid. Same moronic argument can be used on nuclear weapons. It is people that kill people. Nuclear weapons can’t kill people. So why do the Americans worry about others getting the bomb?

Sure, some say “Oh one lucratic in China went berserk with knife too and kills dozens of kids”. But 26 lives in two minutes? Could he have done that? At least the teachers won’t be fleeing and there is still a chance of overpowering him if it is just knives, the ladies not withstanding.

Ya, second amendment. Sure, the right to arm. But does a primary school teacher need to have a bunch of semi auto weapons to have the right to be armed? And few hundred rounds. Do you need armour piercing bullets to go hunting? Do deers wear armour vests? Wake up, America.

Have some political will. The answer is right there. Have the gut to amend the Constitution. At least get around it in your ingenious ways like you go to Iraq or Vietnam and produce something that works for your people. Do not allow rules passed down two
hundred years ago before the era of widespread automatic weapons to cloud your simple judgement. It is the right thing to do. You are just too politically corrupt and morally bankrupt to do it. Democrats or Republicans.

They all no better. They call themselves the greatest nation in the world. But they
can’t solve such a simple problem.


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